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the life of PhD holder in Japan

this above site shows the life of person who received PhD degree.
How cruel the life is's really hard to keep it up to live in academic world ...
If anyone find me losing concious , could you lead me toward right way, talking to me ?

well ~ everyone has to struggle how to live in the world :(
Stay strong ~ then Let's share something about the life *
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2006/08/11 2:00 AM by Nobu
2006/08/11 10:30 AM by
Hi, that website was full of hiragana and there was only little Kanji displayed. Its really hard for me to read when there are so little Kanji. So I didn't manage to understand the page. But apparently, the numbers get smaller and in the end, there were 8 of them who are missing or dead. So what's the story? Hey, anyway are you thinking of going for PhD? I have not much advice, but I think you really need the passion to move on to PhD. Someone who is so interested in whatever he is studying, that he wants to spend so much of his time doing research and readings, and he likes it so much that he doesn't think its a burden. So if you can feel this way for whatever you are studying now (教育やろう?) it is not a bad thing to move on to PhD. But I think we shouldn't link studying with work. Education and work are two different things and if we try to force them into one, we have a hard time because we try to find jobs related to our education. If we don't do that, life will be easier. Enjoy whatever you are studying, do well and be good in your major, you can definitely get a satisfying job (or maybe not? Heh)
2006/08/11 11:07 PM by Ken
where did ya get this from? true thing?Ummm....

2006/08/13 10:08 AM by kado
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