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raining...raining....everyday raining ....
too boring ....wanna go outside ....wanna do something at outside...
it's really boring to be inside, reading books , watching tv, listening to music . ..then one moment i realize the day is over ...

well...wanna see summer sun shine *

July .... it's passing really fast was really busy month...
busy busy busy ,,,couldn't feel the days were passing by .....

want to feel something that fascinates me...
will find it soon *

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O-ki DO-ki! How are you doing?

I'm pretty fine. I did nothing but studying.

IN Kumamoto, Kuma River was horrible last three days.

My sister, police officer in Yatsushiro, and my father, JSDF in Kumamoto-City, were very busy. Especially my sister could slept only 4 hours in three days.
2006/07/25 4:08 PM by yusin
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