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about the JTW program
JTW program is held at Kyushu university as an international exchange program.

so this time I want JTW students to introduce their life in Fukuoka and Kyudai.

To JTW11th students, please say anything you want about JTW at here ~~~~

hope i can see lots of messages ~~~

to David ,I hope this can help you to know about JTW .
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HalloWeen Party~~~~~on 30th of Oct
It was the first time for me to join Halloween~~
so I didn'T know the meaning of Halloween before....
It is similler with Japanese Obon.
I enjoyed Halloween so much~~wore some costumes~~
~~bottle of beer,Kangaroo,penguin,godzilla,
horse,monkey,and so on~~
I wanna show you guys some photos ,but I forgot bringing my camera with me,,,,damn,,,

Anyway Halloween is good~~~
but I think I can't hold such a party with Japanese only.,..
because as for Japanese ,there is no special reason to hold a Halloween party....
How about your country??
Which country does have such a circumstance??
Only US??
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On 11th of Octorber
It was Chia's birthday!!!!!!!!!
Chia is a JTW student who came from US to Kyushu-univ ,and he is my tutee of JTW students.
(JTW is a program to study Japanese and Japanese culture in Kyushu-univ for a year)

We (all JTW students) celebrated his birthday!!
We hold a party in the dorm.
Happy birthday Chia!!!!!
You got the age that you can drink anything legally in US!!!

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JTW orientation
JTW Orientation in Kujyu!!
I am going to Kujyu from today to 4th ,as a JTW orientation.
Hey,ATW guys!!
Do you still remember there??Camping!!!!
you guys must still keep it in your memory!!hah

Ok~~I am leaving now...Have a nice weekend!!!!
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