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Embarrassed story in China......

This story happened to me ,when I was in China this summer....
One day I went to Macdonalds alone.
and I ordered some food I've never had in Japan.
I thought the food that I ordered is kind of a set or something.
and then shopworker said something to me.but I couldn't understand what she I just kept chosing what I drink or eat side-meal.
after I had ordered everything I want,she said something again....
maybe same sentenses....but I still didn'T know what she said,,,,

Finally ,when I received my meal,I got the meanning what she said...
GUESS ,what do you think about it???

I got a toy for Kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so Acutually this set I ordered was HAPPY SET(KIDS SET).....~
I just said Aaa~~~~to her in spite of myself....hah

Furthermore,the store was crowded so there were not enough seat...
I just sat in front of kid ,and I ate the HAPPY SET......

Do you guys also have an embarrassed story in foreign country??hah
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I show you the answer for last week'S quiz!!
I added answer photo to below the article.
Actually I was standing on the edge of building .
The height is high!!
so the answer is I am bearing not to slip down...

That is why,you are right ,Spelbinder
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Chinese dishes!!

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Please guess what am I doing!!

Can you imagine??
How do you feel my action??
just playing??or something??

I will upload this answer next week!!haha
I hope you leave your answer here!!

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Castle in Dalian

I found castle in Dalian!!
When I saw that ,I was so surprised!!!!
because in Japan I saw castle only in Tokyo DL,but Dalian has so nice castle as public building!!
great China!!!!
I wanted to get in there,,,but I am not prince ,so I couldn't ...haha
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