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Coming of Age Day...

It is Coming of Age Day today!!
It is held on every the 2nd Monday of January to celebrate people who are 20 year old ,it means celebration for 20 year people joining adult world!!hah

Well...I think I joined such a celebration last year...
It has past a year already since I got this celebration...
Time flies....and I am about to become 22 year old....on next birthday coming this year.
I think this celebration seems like big reunion~~
I met so many old friends who had not seen me for a long time ...
ahhh,,,,I wanted to join it again...hah

especially for girls ,this celebration means pretty important in her life as same as wedding ,I think.
cause they usually wear "kimono"that is Japanese traditional clothes .
Girls usually put kimono on ,when they become 3 and 7 years old ,and this 20th ,finally at thier wedding .

on the other hand ,almost guys just wear suit at this 20th celebration...and some guys wear "Hakama" that is also Japanese traditional clothes.
One of my friends wore Hakama,he looked pretty cool~~

anyway Congratulation on being adult for my junior~~
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〜My high school〜
Shuyukan high school
This building is my high school!!
I spent 3years here.
These 3 years are very good time for me!!
The most hot event for me in this high school was sports festival!!
Sports festival takes place in September every year,and we was getting ready for it from July.
so we spent about 70days for it!!
Now my junior in school are also burnning for it!!
If you want to watch a video of my sports festival ,I can borrow you my video!!
You can see my fellow and me burnning our spirit for it!!
I am lucky for spending my life in this high school!!
I take proud of Shuyukan that my high school!!
and If you want to visit there ,I can guide you!!
Now is preparing for festival,so you are lucky!!
If you have a chance ,please visit my high school!!
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