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World Time Now
Have you checked it already??
I linked this page to my web~~~~
so when you wanna check the time of your country or friend's country,just visit there ,and search it!!
I put it at the bottom of link categoly~~
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I heard news Yamakasa was taken place in Shanghai(上海) today!!
I was surprised to hear this news!!!!and very cxcited!!!
It makes very good communication about defferent culture!!!
Shanghai people were surprised clothes Hakata guys are wearing.
Especially Shanghai girls were embarassed looking at them!hah

I want to see festival of Shanghai in Fukuoka someday....

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Hello everybady!!
Today I arrived at Fukuoka safety at 4:40pm !!
Every my life was changed,it means that my life was Chinese style before 2or3 hours but now i am in Japan and I am in my room!!
I took a bath as Japanese style!!
It is so comfortable for me!!!
Taking a bath make me happy!!!
and now I am spending my life with my family.
i feel so strange,,,haha

later i will write a message about my stay in China.
Please wait a new message!!

oh...but tomorrow i will go to Miyazaki to do experiment...
so I can't use computer for 1 week..
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This time, I introduce my friends to you!!
I linked their homepage!!
If you have time ,please watch them!!

1.Ajussi : is Korean studying Economics in Kyushu-u.
He is like a my brother!!haha
2.Eunbin : is so nice girl from Korea
now she is in japan but next week she will be in America
3.Lee-ji : is Japanese studying Chemistry in Kyushu-u.
she is going to Canada next month for 3 weeks!!
4.Spelbinder : He is Japanese studying in NewZealand!!
he is making his music!!

Everyone is so sweets my friends!!
I love them!!
I always enjoy watching their homepage!!
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Be fine tomorrow!!Put pff////
unfortunately,today's fireworks festival was put off....
too bad....
I hope that it will be sure to be taken place !!
and Let'S make a teruterubouzu!!
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