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Baseball Game!!!!!!

I participated in Baseball game!!!!!
I joined it after a year...
I often play catch ,but it is not often for me to join a game.
Furthermore at the day ,I took part in the twice of game...
It was really fun and interesting ,but I got too tired,,,,,hah
I felt I am not young already,,,,,
after the game I felt muscler fatigue....and the next day,today,
I got muscle pain...hah
so I try to keep trainning from now,as I did when I was a junior or senior high school student,,,,,,to regain my strength ....
Of course it is good for health to keep doing exercise!!!
so I felt my age and the state of my body,,,and limit of strength,,ha
Actually I am still 21 years old........
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Today's shopping
Today I went shopping!!
I went to electric store to buy something!!
What do you think what I bought there??hah

I bought microphone,headphone and portable CD-player

~~Microphone and Headphone~~
After I bought webcame in China,I can get talking with my friends on msn , showing my face or appearance!!
but still I couldn't make oral communication with them ...
So I wanted these head-set!!!
If you also have head-set,let's talk togerther by using these high technology!!!hah
I am really amazed by these equipments!!

~~Portable CD-player~~
My pre-CD player is about to break.....hah
because I bought it when I was 1st grade in junior high school//
and Even in these world that people are using MD-player or MP3-player ,I bought CD player again ,the reason is that I like listening to music by CD.
because I want to appreciate their song through buying their CD.
They earn their living through singing their song ,and are giving us some feeling from their song.
So I want to listen to their music through their CD.
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Love Story
\ Love Story 〜Classic〜
\ This time I introduce my favorite movie that Love Story
\ This is a Korean movie.
\ It was the first time for me to watch Korean .
\ I recommend it so much .
\ If you have a chance to watch it,you should do!!
\ Right Now!!hehe
\ and I also like music used in it.
\ If you watch it ,Certainly make you happy !!
\ DVD is comming soon in Japan!!\
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\ Play a Cello!!
\ I have learned a Cello for 10 months.
\ so Today I have a lesson for it.
\ I am still beginner ,so I cannot play it well..hehe
\ I play a Cello one time in a week,so I think it is not enough///
\ It takes time to be able to play it by myself.
\ I want to keep a practise and someday to play it by myself!!
\ so I could play it ,please listen my music!!
\ hehe
\ I have my music played by piano☆
\ If you want to listen,Please ask me for this music!!I can play it !!\
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My small farm!!
This is my small firm ,and he is my friend!!
Hello!! I am growthing so much!!
I have done an agriculture at my grandfather's place.
This is my hobby!hehe
some of friends of mine sometimes help me ,and
making plants togerther.
I think it is the same thing that to make plants and to growth own child.
I have a special feeligs for my plants!!
Please spread more!!spread your roots more!!
and growth widely!!

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