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the day before being 23~
hi, everyone ~

i was just procrastinating to updating some new topics for a while....sorry ,,,,

well, today is just day before becoimng 23years old for me ~
well...honestly, i don'T feel my birthday is coming tomorrow ....

ummm,,,,,as birthday is coming ,i found something differed from what used to be before .
when i was still young ,i m still young though ,usually i did know my birthday was coming and wanted the others to know about my BD was coming .
but by now , it seems i forget my birthday is coming ,and the others know about it ,and are telling me my bd is coming ,and they tend to be kind to me ~

this year , my brother is somehow really taking care of my birthday .
it never happens before, i realized that he's grown up as well,while i am also piling up age. he has already reached adult age 20 ,actually not yet,but already got a ceremony .

ummm....and also my parents seem to be really kind to me ~
well,,,, i want to thank them ,and want to keep this feeling into my mind as long as i can .

I really want to appreciate for my parents to have raised me up to this age *

and also friends ~ thanks for being around me *
i'm having really nice life *
thanks all ~
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Finally I revealed my face here~~
so this time I try to introduce myself☆
I am jiuxion(g) ,host of this page.
what do you feel about this page??
Do you have any questions about this page??

I am a university student,junior grade.
My major is Biology~~I have studied foundation of Biology.
next year I will enter the laboratory.
and the below URL is for my university that is 九州大学

OKay~~~have a nice time~~~☆
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