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Are Japanese collectivism?
This theme sounded really interesting for me, when I first heard this.
Is that true ?

It's been said Japanese are really coolectivism, and American and Europian are really individualism.
This is what widely known by people in the world.

but just rethink about it.

Is that true ?

let's talk about it later, i'll give you a couple of days to think of it .

i gotta sleep now ,,,,hehe ....sorry ,,i m lazy to upload this right now ....

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Entrance Ceremony*
I've started NEW LIFE!
it seems it's gonna be totally different from what i've been in before.
well,I had an entrance ceremony,and put one step forward*

I can't feel like i'm a graduate student yet though ,i guess some feeling comes up in a better way or pushes me down in a worse way little by little...hehe....just kidding though ...

I'm a bit nervous ,but also am filled with expectations for creating my world more ,and also complete my research *

When I was still under graduate student,i thought grad students were wise and responsible,but i don'T feel like those yet i have to make a good effort to be like that *

the professor told us in the ceremony, " Congraturations,but you know what? you are stepping in the tough world,and at the same time you are stepping in the world you can keep it going what you want to do . what you want to creat ,what you want to reveal,whatever you want you can do in the graduate school .

taking the way to be a expert in the firm is really hard might not be a specialist,even after you've finished the PhD courses.
even you got a PhD,you might not have a job ....

well...that'S true...
that's why i've decided to change my major ,and reach current position.
I'm still thinking how i make my life .
it takes time as well .

well...what i really want right now is to decide the exact topic for the research on master course.

I'll try to make the decision by summer ///

anyway ~ it's really nice to feel a new life !
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Graduation ☆
Finally I graduated !!!
now i feel like confused ....i've never thought graduation has this much big meanings .
day before the graduation day , i din'T think of anything at all about graduaton , but now i feel like ,,i have sort of big responsibility , and also have to create something to the society.
gradually i have to move the position from where i used to be in to there ppl are leading society .

I want to challenge lots of things.

Graduating from college means sort of joining to the members creating world .
it seems it's a big task,though .

At first ,i want to make a good research on social pshychology firm .

thanks for everyone who celebrated me on the graduation day ~
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well....i've done one of the big things to do .
and i've passed one mountain which everyone is passing by in their life.

i've submitted the graduation thesis, and ve done a presentation of it.

so now i'm free ~

and all i have to do more is to be waiting for the graduation day ~

actually it's not such a big stuff i've been doing on thesis ,though/
i feel like i overcame the one big task with the cooporation from lots of people.

well ,at first i want to say thank to my parents ,and also lab-mate .

it was really hard to write something in the formal form in japanese.
sometimes i felt it's really easy to write something in English .
umm,,,,tabun i have to study japanese first ....actually my japanese grade was sucks in my high school days ...

well...i'll try to get used to write something long in japanese in graduate school .

try to do my best ~
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Graduation Thesis (temporarily)
I've done writing a graduation thesis temporarily~
which means I've handed it to proffessor ~ so all left on me since now is to wait for the comments from him ,and I'll have to rearrange it to proper form it should be,adding some more sentenses or erasing something.
I feel really satisfied with having made it done~

I got helped by my senior alot to make a well composed thesis.
I really want to thank to him .

having a nice boss or not really changes person's way further on .
I think I have really nice boss who intends me to have a talk with him a lot, and he's really taken care of me how i've been doing whenever i had to prepare for the seminor presentation or thesis.

from tomorrow , I'll be going to further step preparing for the presentation of thesis.
seems long way layed on ...

I will try to make fine day everyday *

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