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one step forward
I did running today as well, as I told yesterday*
I m keeping it going ~

then today i felt muscle pain on my legs a bit though,I forced myself to move toword Ohori Park.

I felt the heaviness on my legs after running a few round of there. that was the one I didn't feel yesterday, I think it's only because tiredness.
but the most important things that I did today is that I did continue running. then If I do it next week, this would be my custom on weekends.

I'll try to keep it on*
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the life of PhD holder in Japan

this above site shows the life of person who received PhD degree.
How cruel the life is's really hard to keep it up to live in academic world ...
If anyone find me losing concious , could you lead me toward right way, talking to me ?

well ~ everyone has to struggle how to live in the world :(
Stay strong ~ then Let's share something about the life *
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raining...raining....everyday raining ....
too boring ....wanna go outside ....wanna do something at outside...
it's really boring to be inside, reading books , watching tv, listening to music . ..then one moment i realize the day is over ...

well...wanna see summer sun shine *

July .... it's passing really fast was really busy month...
busy busy busy ,,,couldn't feel the days were passing by .....

want to feel something that fascinates me...
will find it soon *

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Are Japanese Collectivism ? -conclusion-
I'm so sorry that i was procrastinating to upload this topic for a while ..... michell said this following ...

>>there are many papers written by Kitayama, saying that Japanese area really collectivistic. hm... i think it's true.. in the way how relationships are emphasized.

but i hv also read one paper, saying that, actually American are not less collectivistic than Japanese!!! but they are more individualistic. so.. individualistic and collectivistic can be both existing within one culture but in different degree.

It's true both japanese are collectivism and individualism can exist at the same time.
actually Dr. kitayama insist japanese are collectivism, on the other hand some researcher including Japanese and American has been noticing they can't say japanese are more collectivism than American or western people.
actually it's been said that Japanese are collectivism and Western people are more individualism, and almost all of the ppl think it's true.
but when we see the person individually , what hits upon your mind ?
are there any differences on the people ?
are we not the same human ?

well...when we think about this , we have to think the point of view which level we are looking at ?
social level ? or individual level ?

actually i was in the conferance the researcher who is against Dr.kitayama was addressing there is no evidence that japanese are collectivism ,even scanning all the thesis saying japanese are collectivism.

and also one linguistic researcher was saying japanese language is based on individualism. that's why we used to omit subject, when we talk to someone. it means we put the basis on us,when we speak with others.
when we think of english , it's necessary to put subject.
so they put their mind on the others ,when they talk to someone.

it's so interesting to hear these symposium~

the conclusion is ~ when we think about something , we have to take care of what level we are seeing .
social level or individual level or so on .

I think Japanese society is collectivism , but i don't think we japanese are individually collectivism.

we have to take a look closer whenever we think about something.
there might be a stereotype in your way to think .

just try to think something once again, taking away stereotypes you have ~

PS. Michelle ~ thanks for your comment= ^0^

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