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one step forward
I did running today as well, as I told yesterday*
I m keeping it going ~

then today i felt muscle pain on my legs a bit though,I forced myself to move toword Ohori Park.

I felt the heaviness on my legs after running a few round of there. that was the one I didn't feel yesterday, I think it's only because tiredness.
but the most important things that I did today is that I did continue running. then If I do it next week, this would be my custom on weekends.

I'll try to keep it on*
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Running *
I did running today for 6or7km only though *
It was really nice exercise for me, because I've not done any exercises for a while the same time I've been gaining weight though ,,,,so now it's time to lose my weight =P

I really like Ohori Park ~ I like visiting there to see pond and lying on the grass fields* and I like to see kids playing on the ground or park with their parents as well ~
there are so many ppl spending time on playing, taking a rest, dating, running and so on.
that place provides so many functions for ppl ~
hmm,,,I envy ppl who live pretty close to the park * :P

well ~ i'll try to keep on the jogging ~ hopefully ....
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Amazing Performance!
My PC has gained amazing performance.
I install the additional memory into my lap top PC,
512MB memory is installed.
In the result, my PC performance has incredibly improved. Now it's sooooo nice to use the PC. It responces really quick*

Before adding the memory, it was slow to open up some exel or word files, but now it's so quick ! Amazing !

I was considering to buy a new PC in the near future, but i don't think i would buy one ,,,,I'll use this as long as this is alive.

well,,,it's a bit an embarrassing to tell this,though. there was a story behind that I reached here to complete adding the memory.
It took me 2days to find a memory slot.

that seems like I m an idiot on PC,,,,
but I'd like to excuse something .,,,
I heard that usually memory slot exists on the backside of PC. so I was looking for it on the backside of PC ,,,,but couldn't find anything like that ,,,,so I just slipped all the screws....then took apart all the parts ....
I thought I could easily find the slot, if I pulled the cover up.
but the thing was I couldn't find anything that is supposed to be for setting extra momory.

so I just slipped screws more and more ,,,,and did I find the one ? No....
I couldnt find anything that seems to be the one for setting the extra memory,,,,,I tried this a few times the different way and at the different part,,,

On the next day, I searched some info on the web,then found out the memory slot exists on the top side of PC, in my PC case. but they say there is a screw on the top side of PC ,,,,but there was no screw at the top on my i was confused once again .....i was thinking to tug the cover up strongly,,,,but that was not a wise way ,i thought ,,,,so I was just tipping the cover with screwdriver...that was not a wise way, either,,,,,by now it seems like I m like a super idiot on PC .....

well,,,,the right way to do is sliding the cover to the left only....after that, pull up the keyboard .so I could find the slot for a memory. that was so easy ....I was so shocked, when I finally completed the process....

through two days, I found out I m dumb idiot .....I lost almost 2days for it....

anyways, now I have really nice lap top circumstance* YAY ^^
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the life of PhD holder in Japan

this above site shows the life of person who received PhD degree.
How cruel the life is's really hard to keep it up to live in academic world ...
If anyone find me losing concious , could you lead me toward right way, talking to me ?

well ~ everyone has to struggle how to live in the world :(
Stay strong ~ then Let's share something about the life *
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